Negatives Into Positives

One of Girl’s traits is that she can be determinably single- minded and stubborn. This can lead to her being difficult to dissuade or divert from her intention; for instance if she is determined to inflict hurt or harm on us then that is exactly what she will do. There is no response to cajoling or reasoning. It can be frustrating but also I have realised that it can also be a really positive thing.

At the start of Lent Girl announced that she was giving up chocolate. They had been discussing Lent at school and she told me that her teachers were giving up wine and crisps so she was going to give up chocolate, not forgetting that she is only six years old but not quite a six year old I smiled and told her that for every she went without chocolate that I would give 50p to Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of her Grandad. We made some chocolate filled pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and started the very next day. I said to the Hubster that if she lasted a week I would be very proud.

Well, you can’t have failed to notice it’s almost Easter? Not a bit of chocolate has passed Girl’s lips. I am so proud of her but actually when I think about it I should not be that surprised. It’s the same single-mindedness that she can use for bad intentions that has led to a really big achievement. She has been offered all sorts of chocolatey treats over the last thirty-odd days, at school, at the grandparents house, with and by friends but she has refused every morsel. We have found alternatives for her but she has resolutely remembered her promise to herself and stuck to it. I am one very proud adoptive mummy.

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