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Meg the Puppy!Last weekend we bought a puppy, it’s something we have been considering for a while and was in our ‘life plan’. We have another dog, Harry and we always wanted a companion for him but life just sort of got in the way. Harry was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur and arthritis in his back legs. He’s getting old and these thing are common in Cavaliers so we decided that getting a companion now might liven him up a little.

Buying the puppy has been a bit of a traumatic experience, the lively Border Collie puppy that came to us last Saturday rapidly deteriorated to the point where she was on the verge of liver and kidney failure, it was touch and go for a couple of days but after some TLC and daily vet visits she has bounced back to almost full health in a week.

Having the puppy even with the ill health has been properly amazing for Girl, Harry she has always been able to take or leave but then he has always been around, not helped by the fact her foster carer had a nasty vicious little dog (how she got away with it I have no idea) .

Every day for the last week Girl has told me repeatedly how much she loves Meg, if we go out she yearns for her, she cuddles with her but has also learned when to leave her alone, she bosses her around (no jumping, no biting, get down) and is thrilled to be helping teach Meg tricks.

Meg has already learned to sit on command in two five minute sessions. I controlled the first session to get Meg used to the command but then realising what a fast learner she was I let Girl take charge of the second session. I knew this would be good for Girl, it was fun but it was also good for her self-esteem and self-confidence because I was giving her an important task but also that the dog was doing as she was told so readily so Girl in turn felt it was a task she could do well; a lot of things she fails at simply because she feels that she can’t do them. It was very rewarding for Girl (and for me to watch them) and a good end to the day.

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