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Happy DaysI re-read my last post and thought, what am I trying to say here?

In plain speaking I am upset. Upset with myself, upset with everything. Tired of everything being hard work. Tired of nothing being simple. Beating myself up for not listening more at the beginning and having unrealistic expectations, maybe I would have been more intuitive if I had read and listened more. I am disgruntled with a system that leaves you groping in the dark, trying to be a good parent to children that need something more than we are. Maybe teflon-coated parents that also have a masters degree in Psychology?

Would it have changed my mind if I had listened better? Probably not. Do I regret anything? No. I bloomin’ love my kids to bits, I just wished life was easier for them.

The optimist in me knows that things will come good, the human in me wants to get off the rollercoaster for a break. Maybe for a spell on the Swan Boats instead.

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