Little Girl Lost

Girl lost her way today, not literally of course, we barely let each other out of sight when we are out and about.

We decided to take advantage of the fact that it was Boy’s turn to spend the day with his grandparents and go to the cinema. Our nearest multiplex is on a retail park as most are and we needed a few things. Girl needed some new football boots and Boy needed shoes (how do they both always manage to change shoe size at the same time?). We had an enjoyable hour choosing and spending far too much money on the soccer shoes and followed with lunch at a Chiquitos one of Girl’s favourite places to eat. They gave us one of those child activity packs with the crayons and there was a press out board game so while we waited for our lunch we had a couple of goes around the board.It was lovely and we had a lot of giggles about mummy being so unlucky.

After the main course (which included a few daft ‘please think about what you are asking me’ questions from Girl, I’m sure I don’t have to explain) we decided to play the board game again while we waited for dessert menus and then dessert. I was bossily told that I could look at my menu once I had had my go, OK OK I agreed so we started the game or at least we tried to. Girl could not do it. She could not work out which way to go around the board, she struggled to work out who’s turn it was and suddenly she was just rendered incapable of normal activity. The same game we had been playing only 20 minutes earlier was now impossible without help. The ability to sit quietly and calmly at the table gone and normal conversation turned into a stuttering mess.

I was shocked to the core. What happened? Why is my little Girl suddenly not functioning as she was 5 minutes ago?

We persevered with the game until dessert, chocolate ice-cream for Girl with chocolate fudge sauce, a firm favourite and nothing overly sinister. Girl took an unusually long time to eat it and developed a funny sort of singular bark cough every 20 seconds and almost an inability to breathe, she complained her throat was swollen, that she had tummy ache and started to get mildly panicky about her symptoms. I ordered the bill and we left and headed straight for Boots where I purchased some antihistamine. As soon as I administered the medicine she was OK again, literally seconds.

So what was it? A regression? A mental shut down? Has she been overloaded with treats? Did her need to be mothered and helped kick in? Was the apparent allergic reaction to ‘I have no idea what ‘psychosomatic? I don’t know.

This episode has worried me more than most, that she got from happy and bubbly to completely lost within herself and incapable so quickly. What if this happens at school? How would a teacher notice? If they were teaching her at the good point and then she became incapable once she was left to get on with it..who would notice? I have never seen this happen so rapidly before, there have always been signals.

The best I can do is just to help her forward and not draw attention but it makes me feel so useless. I want to reach inside her head an readjust the cogs, do a bit of tweaking. Before I adopted the kids I was a computer programmer, if there was a blip I could upgrade and tweak the code. If only there was an update I could install for Girl to help her past the blips.

4 Responses to Little Girl Lost

  • Dr Spouse says:

    Does this happen a lot? Have you seen the GP? A really rapid change in behaviour could be due to a couple of physical or neurological things (don’t be scared!) and it’s worth checking out.

    • AdoptiveMummy says:

      Well we have worked out that some of her issues may not be attachmenty more neurological hence the executive functioning route that our therapist is going down but this particular incident did worry me :/

  • Tony's Curtis says:

    As well as having 2 adoptive children, I have a birth child with allergies to nuts and sesame seeds as well, as it seems, cats and this year hay fever. The symptoms you described, cough, issues with breathing, throat feeling swollen etc etc are all very allergy related, although usually it takes more than seconds to work :-) might be worth ensuring you always carry some piriton and get her checked out if it happens again!

    • AdoptiveMummy says:

      I do usually have piriton with me and it is rarely needed but had borrowed a car for the day! Unlucky eh?!

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