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Surfer Girl!I’m back and we survived! The holiday was in most ways a total success. The location was perfect…plenty to do for the kids. In fact enough that we could get a really good balance of spills and thrills combined with quieter activities such as the lovely beaches, rock pooling and local scenery. The weather was good which really helped. Everything was really in our favour.

Girl has loved every minute and only had a few moments of bad behaviour which was dealt with and forgotten.

And then there’s Boy. Where do I start? The boot full of favoured toys was inspired, Boy was able to just ‘be’ when he needed to just ‘be’ which helped a lot. If we were active such as playing on the beach or using the park’s swimming facilities (particularly the slides and flumes) or the soft play then Boy behaved pretty well. We managed to stay active most of the time but the moments when we weren’t active were fraught. If Boy could be left to play with his toys then that was mostly fine except for the inevitable bickering and spitefulness between both kids but routine stuff such as eating, getting dressed, visiting the toilet was difficult. By the last day Boy was in a really foul mood and getting quite difficult to manage.


As we had to check out quite early on the final day we decided to visit the Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor on the way home. What an awesome place that was, if you get chance to visit I would highly recommend it. Girl absolutely loved it and it was beautiful to watch her interacting with each and every one of the ponies. So entranced was she with the ponies that she wasn’t even bothered about the park or zip wires for quite some time.

Boy on the other hand professed to hating it, even the tractor driving. He was rude, obnoxious, mean, spiteful, controlling. His face stayed in a down-turned smile for most of the day. He did partake in all of the activities on offer, handling the pets, pony rides, tractor driving, trampolining, even Boy is not daft enough to sabotage it that much but he did every activity with a scowl on his face. It was both heartbreaking and frustrating to see him be so intent on hating it. He screamed at us that he was hungry so we decided to go and get something to eat, he then screamed at us that he didn’t want anything to eat, we were in a no-win situation because he didn’t want us to win, he wanted to make demands and for them not to be met to prove that mummy and daddy are utter beasts. It is the sort of day out that he would normally love but he hated us and he hated the world so nothing was going to be good enough. The Hubster and I spent most of the day exchanging despairing glances, shrugging our shoulders and shaking our heads when he wasn’t looking.

pony centre

As always the best thing we can do it just grin and bear it and enjoy the good moments as much as we can. I do know why Boy gets distressed but knowing doesn’t make it any easier to deal with when it gets to the point of being a no-win situation but the positive is… it took a whole week to get to this point so that makes the holiday a success in my book!

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