Transitions and Goodbyes

A few months ago we had a meeting with Girl’s headteacher, the SENCO and her teacher to discuss her IEP. A brilliant transition plan was offered and promised by the SENCO to help Girl cope with moving on to Year 2 and I hasten to add without any prompting from us.  Bravo I thought to myself, this SENCO knows what we are talking about. She gets it. Girl has never been good at saying goodbye, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why, you probably have the t-shirt.

So with one day of school to go Girl has come home from school inconsolable, distraught and overwraught because she is sad about leaving her teacher and saying goodbye. I knew she would be (I wish I was this good with the lottery numbers). The promised transition plan never materialised and the book/pamphlet of pictures of her new classroom and the teacher? Well what we got tonight was a fill in the gaps yourself piece of crap. Yes a whole pile of shit that hadn’t even been stapled together properly so fell apart as soon as I touched it. Draw a picture of your new teacher here it suggested. What? WHAT?

I had a niggling doubt a few weeks ago that what was promised would not be delivered. The SENCO just happens to be Girl’s new teacher. On the introduction to her new classroom the teacher could not even remember Girl’s name. Girl was a bit put out by that as she had had one-to-one lessons with her earlier in the year and had liked the teacher and the lessons, the teacher not remembering her name would have been confusing to her and not particularly good for her self-esteem when Girl felt they had built up a rapport.

So apart from that one introduction afternoon Girl never had any other visits to her new classroom. We were promised that Girl would be running little errands and sometimes even taking her classmates so she could be in charge of showing them where to go ‘to help her self-esteem’ said the SENCO. It never happened.

We never pushed for the transition plan, it was offered to us on a plate and we were so pleased to finally be understood. It’s a crying shame they didn’t follow through.

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