End of the School Holidays


Taken on my day off!

I was apprehensive about the school holidays, weekends can be difficult enough but as we are coming to the end of this mammoth break I can say quite firmly WE HAVE HAD A BLAST! I am exhausted from being constantly on the go, theme parks, parks, soft play and crafts, the house is a complete tip, the ironing pile…well I’m sure you can well imagine but that can all be tackled next week.

I think the thing that I got so right this time was to make time for each child individually, I know that’s not easy for everybody but I have really great in-laws who have religiously taken Boy and Girl separately for a whole day every week and one day I even had the whole day to myself when my parents had both kids together and instead of tidying the house? I took myself off for a blissful afternoon of taking photos in the countryside! That time individually with Boy and Girl has been lovely, they are each totally different when separate and Boy has gotten very chatty at times.

The return to school for Girl next week also heralds a new chapter in our lives. Boy will be starting nursery three days a week instead of just the one and I will be embarking on my Open University degree in Psychology. I still have no idea whether I have bitten off more than I can chew but I am cheerfully optimistic at this point.

2 Responses to End of the School Holidays

  • Vicki says:

    Great post and really wonderful to hear too.
    We’ve also had a great summer despite my own concerns, and I’ve enjoyed having the kids at home so much I’ve even started to wonder whether I *could* homeschool Mini, whereas I’ve always dismissed it before. I know there’s a big difference between summer hols and learning but even so…

    Looking forward to hearing about how your OU course goes, and remaining positive with you :-)

    • AdoptiveMummy says:

      I really want to home-school Girl but the Hubster is worried, though he has conceded that he doesn’t want her to go back to school next week.

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