I Rock!

_DSC0373It’s not often I get those moments where I truly think “whoop whoop I have so got this” but this week I have had two such moments.

The first incident Boy was starting to have a tantrum about getting his pyjamas on as he does most nights so I offered to take over from the Hubster. Boy was even less amused by that but I quickly tore his sock off and shoved it in his face. “Pooooooooooooh stinky” I laughed (this could go so wrong). Boy growled at me viciously and I winced but undeterred I tried again “Urrrrrggghhh this really smells! Smell it Boy, smell it!” he started to growl at me again but it soon turned into a giggle and we soon had his pyjamas on and settled down with milk. The Hubster gave me this look of admiration. So Mummy Rocks = 1!

OK so that was not really that major an achievement but it’s so easy to get caught up in control battles over trivial things and when you are tired and worn down it’s hard to remember to make things fun. The second moment this morning was extraordinary though.

It’s Saturday morning and Saturday mornings are tricky. The dynamic of the house is different and it’s the one day of the week we have to tread a bit more carefully. I went upstairs to clean the bathroom, a job I have to save for when I am alone or somebody else can supervise the kids. I could hear things building up downstairs and then I heard it. The laugh. The laugh that only means one thing. Girl has truly lost it. I hear the demand from The Hubster for her to go to her room and then things start flying across the landing fast and hard. I tell The Hubster to go downstairs and I sit on the bed besides my Girl. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Daddy made me hit him, he made me cross”. (Apparently she had been told off for being spiteful to Boy). I explained that nobody makes her do anything, she is in charge of herself. I suggested she calm down and while she was at it pick her lego up. Girl went from a raging beast to amenable six year old in less than 60 minutes flat. I did that. Me. So not only is she calm she is also tidying while she has her six minutes quiet time, that is quite an achievement. Mummy Rocks = big fat 2!

I think the biggest difference is that I have made the most of the summer holidays and have been able to spend quality time with each of the kids individually with no restrictions  on my time such as school runs. The holidays have been an absolute joy, hard work but I feel as though having time for each of them individually has been really rewarding and enriching for all of us.

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  • Vicki says:

    Not trivial things at all…when you can turn situations around like you have – they are MASSIVE achievements. Bedtime is one that often causes us problems too, and I struggle to remember the fun bit, but I will try harder, perhaps I’ll do as well as you with practice?! x

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